Financial Markets and Institutions with comparisons

Financial markets finmargin

Let’s understand the concepts of Financial Markets and Institutions in detail. The structure of Financial markets and Institutions can help you understand how it works, differences in structure, and lots more. Formal and Informal Financial System As we all know the difference between a Parent’s Teacher Meeting and a Birthday party, same applies to the …

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Blackstone’s New Acquisition in 2020

Blackstone's New Acquisition GSCF Acquired to expand Factoring business finmargin

Let’s discuss Blackstone’s new acquisition in 2020. Global Supply Chain Finance Ltd. (GSCF) is a Swiss company specialized in servicing Supply Chain Finance (SCF) programs with the use of a highly advanced processing platform. GSCF is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. Alternative Distribution Financing Ltd. (ADF)-its financing arm is the subsidiary company focused on financing & …

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Global Impact of Coronavirus

corona virus impact

Corona Virus is trying to swallow the entire world in one shot. COVID-19 the scary virus has toppled the world’s economy. It destroyed many lives, led to increased unemployment, deaths, financial losses, lockdowns, and whatnot. Coronavirus news spread like a wildfire swallowing the entire globe. Below are some of the global impacts of Coronavirus on …

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