Career Counselling

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It will be a 10- hour session. Know your hidden talent by getting counseled by professionals and experts. Parents will be a part of the career counselling session along with students.


Know your hidden talents by getting counseled by our professionals and experts. Parents will also be part of this career counselling session so that the student is confident about their futuristic plans. We help to solve the below-mentioned problems:

  • Know inner talent or skill.
  • Know what to study to polish your inner talent.
  • Suggest the best course, the best college within your budget.
  • Learn to monetize your skills and start earning now.
  • Learn to create passive income sources.
  • Arrange meetings with experienced professionals who have achieved milestones in their career.
  • Provide personal career counselling sessions with students as well as parents.
  • Career guidance from our professionals & experts.

It will be a 10-hour session. You get a chance to enroll in the Affiliate Program.

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