Finance Subjects Tutoring

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It will be a crash course of 10- hour session. Get an experienced finance tutor to teach finance subjects. Score good marks in subjects and keep learning.


Get an experienced finance tutor to teach finance subjects. Score good marks in subjects and keep learning. Scoring good marks in broad or graduation or MBA exams is important as those marks do help you get your first job as fresher.

Who can take up this tutoring?

  • Any Fresher may take up this tutoring. No prior knowledge is required.
  • Students

Requirements :

  • A laptop or smartphone with a stable internet connection to follow along with Instructor lectures is recommended.

Contents of the course :

Understanding subjects will help you score good marks. Apart from that these subjects form the base for higher studies. The theoretical foundation should be strong enough to take a step ahead towards practical learning. Become an expert in all subjects. Below are a few subjects taught:

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Financial Markets
  • Financial Management
  • Economics
  • Business Law
  • Business Studies
  • English and other subjects on demand

It will be a crash course of a 10-hour session.

What else is included in the Course?

  • 10+ Hours of Online Video sessions conducted by Tutors, Corporate professionals, and Industry experts of related field
  • It is a two-way interactive session, not a video recorded but a live session designed especially for you, based on your learning speed and knowledge
  • Downloadable Practise Files to follow along and practice with
  • Additional Practise Files are provided at the end of each major section
  • Question and Answer Sessions along with clearing any doubts
  • Replicating real scenarios triggering on the spot questions
  • Overall development
  • Mock test papers
  • The practical applicability of theories learned in subjects
  • Real-life case studies and examples

Benefits of this Tuition Sessions :

  • Score good marks in all the exams
  • Crack any College Interview and get admission to the desired course
  • Clear basic concepts
  • It is a foundation for further studies
  • Get corporate ready with exposure to the corporate world

You get a chance to enroll in the Affiliate Program.

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